Inspirational wedding thoughts and tips for you…


1) Smart Budgeting: As the cost of weddings increase, so does the number of people paying for them. If you are one of the lucky few that have financial assistance from friends or family you’ll need to sit down with everyone who is going to contribute to the wedding-day piggy bank and discuss how to logically divide the tab and arrive at a total number.

2) What are Stag N Doe’s or Jack N Jills? A Stag N Doe party or a Jack and Jill party are a party and or fundraiser for an engaged couple to raise money for their wedding. This is a common practice in Canadian weddings and when done well are tasteful and not tacky. The event is usually organized by the bridal party, but in some circumstances may also be held by the engaged couple before they are married. Guests purchase entrance tickets and are entertained by draws, food and drink, music, dancing and games.

3) Fundraiser Ticketing: If you ask anyone who has planned a Stag N Doe or a Jack N Jill, they will tell you the worst part about it was selling the tickets for the event. We have solved this problem. Eventastic Weddings has this amazing online fundraiser ticketing function that will make your event successful and easy. You customize it to your needs, as its all about you.

Planning an event has never been easier. Use your wedding website to sell tickets online in advance. Flexible set up for hall entry, drink tickets– you can even sell a dance with the bride or groom  to help raise money for the big day. Works with PayPal or any credit card and you can CASH OUT at any time. So you can pay the DJ and hall before the event.

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We hope our tips are informative and helpful for you and your fiancé during this amazing journey.



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