Inspirational wedding thoughts and tips for you…

1) End writer’s cramp!  After all your pre-wedding parties and your wedding, it is proper etiquette to send your guests thank you cards. This means more running around to buy all the cards, purchase postage, and then you have to personally write the notes; necessary but so tedious and costly!  We have an answer to this dilemma. Eventastic Weddings offers a ‘video thank-you’ service that is easy, fun, just as personal and will save you a ton of time and money. Your thank you card process will be transformed into a simple, unique, interactive experience. You and your fiancé can record a special thank you video for your guests. You can even record your video in multiple languages. How cool is that?

thank you cards

What’s great about this is that Eventastic Weddings also has a universal gift and cash gifting registry. If you start using our platform from the beginning, all your gifts are organized in one location making it easy to send personalized thank you videos thanking them for specific wedding gifts they gave you.  Just imagine you and your spouse on camera saying “Thanks Aunt Jane for the Kitchen Aid mixer, we love it and really it was great seeing you at the wedding.”  Simply record and send.  It’s the new, modern,and far more personal way to say thank you.

2) Set aside time: Choose a day of the week to focus on wedding details, or if pressed for time, blitz it with several days in a row.  Make sure you and your finance sit down together to plan. This will eliminate confusion and crossed wires (he’s thinking he’s supposed to call and check on hall rentals when the bride already has it narrowed down).

3) Keep things neat and tidy. You are probably going to end up stashing brochures, notes and pamphlets galore in your binder, so every month or so, clean up shop. Recycle any papers that you’re not going to need to reference again, and keep that practice up so you’re not having to sort through useless information every time you’re looking for something.

We hope our tips are informative and helpful for you and your fiancé during this amazing journey.

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