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A holiday engagement can be a season game changer

Engaged at ChristmasHoliday engagements are very popular can be incredibly romantic.  The holiday season is a time to connect with your family, build those relationships and be thankful for what you have. With a new engagement in the family, the focus on the holidays sometimes lessens and discussions about dates, venues and dresses may start happening.

Even though you may be dying to talk details about your wedding now and finalize some plans, you may want to consider holding off on some matters than share your spotlight with the holidays. Some wedding discussions and decision making can actually be stressful for some and with the holidays sometimes already touching nerves it may be wise to hold off on some topics till after the holiday season.  How do you do this when you are bubbling with excitement?

Hold the Decision Making!

One way is to wait until after the holidays to decide on anything or announce any details. Once you get discussing it, one thing leads to another and you can easily find yourself talking about your bridesmaid dresses or ‘date A’ vs. ‘date B’. Holding off on sharing wedding thoughts and wishes is easy enough if you’ve not made any major decisions and conversations can be curtailed if you simply let the inquirers know that you and your new fiancée haven’t had a chance to discuss details or that you plan on brainstorming after the holidays!

Start with Happy Holidays!

Once the question has been popped you are likely dying to call everyone you know. Before you pick up the phone consider that if they are not immediate family they are likely with their families enjoying the season and you might want to keep conversation short and sweet. If they are family – call away, but keep in mind that season’s greetings should come first! When you call or see relatives rather than saying “Hi Aunt Kathy, Guess what! We’re engaged!” lead with a holiday focus! Happy Holidays! How are you? This way you get in the conversation to catch-up on life rather than zoning in on wedding talk.

Don’t ask your wedding party just yet!

Excitement is infectious! Asking your wedding party right away, especially if they are family, will only heighten the wedding talk at family socials. You may want to hold off and ask them after the holiday season. This will also make it more enjoyable for you because it’s perfectly appropriate to turn everyone’s full attention to wedding in the following months.

As hard as it can be to hold in some of your excitement and make the holidays the priority, you’ll be glad you did!.

Have a great day from Eventastic!

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