Inspirational wedding thoughts and tips for you…

First off, Congratulations! What a precious time for you and your partner.

Over the next few weeks as you work through the excitement and focus on the things you want and what your wedding vision looks like. We recommend you

  • Relax
  • Don’t rush into decisions
  • Don’t feel you have to tell everyone the details

Where to start?

First of all, consider what size of wedding you want to have: Big, small, medium, lots of friends, full extended family, etc. Assess your options before you make any decisions and then go through a process of elimination.

Consider the type of wedding you would like to have:

  • Traditional
  • Destination
  • Adventure
  • Non-traditional
  • Weekend Event

Next consider the season you would like to get married in; the type of wedding you want may impact which you choose. Note that ‘off season’ weddings are often less costly than a peak season wedding.

A Narrowed Vision

You have now narrowed down a vision of what you want your wedding day to look like, without necessarily making any decisions. This gives you the starting point to then consider the next tier of planning such as location, venue, guest list and date. This also gives you enough to talk about with your friends and family over the holidays, especially if you want to ask for their view point when eliminating some of the options to come to your decision. Read more about sharing your engagement spotlight with the holidays.

A Wedding Website

To keep the questions at bay and to keep everyone involved and up to date, consider a wedding website.  It’s free to set-up and use with features such as event details, multiple events handling for stag and does and bridal showers, and live photo sharing and streaming during the event.

Eventastic Weddings takes it a step further and provides you a blog so you can communicate small milestones along the way e.g. found the dress, picked the colours, found the venue, etc.

On top of those features, Eventastic knows how to do events! Each event has the option to add ticketing and gifting, either from a registry or for cash to contribute to larger item e.g. appliances or honeymoon. The registry, event functionality, blog, and photo sharing are all fully integrated into Eventastic Weddings and are included when you create a free wedding website.

Explore all the features of Eventastic Weddings.

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