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Kids and weddings can be like peanut butter and jelly or fire and water. It can go one way or the other. If you are planning a wedding no doubt a discussion has or will occur as to whether to include children on the invite list.

There are a few factors that may influence your decision to have or not have children at the wedding.

  1. Age of the children in question
  2. Known behaviour of the children
  3. Number of children you would consider
  4. Parent proximity to the wedding. If the parents are travelling from another city, province/state or country they may prefer to bring their children when travelling a distance & it might influence their decision to attend
  5. Fiancé’s feelings regarding the matter
  6. Relationship to the children

It’s important to discuss the relevance of the above and together decide on whether your wishes are shared with your fiancé. You may also consider discussing your decision with both sets of parents to ensure you have not overlooked anything or anyone.

Stay tuned for our blog on ‘How to Entertain Children at Your Wedding‘.


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