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You’re Engaged! Let The Planning Begin!

Congratulations on your engagement!

What an exciting time for you and your fiancée. One of the first things newly engaged couples need to do is set a budget and start planning around it.

Budgeting for Your WeddingOur Wedding Budget Planner is an excel worksheet that allows you to

  1. Set a budget
  2. Estimate your costs
  3. Track actual spending vs. estimated costs
  4. Monitor overall spending against your budget

The real kicker with Our Wedding Budget Planner is that all the calculations happen automatically!  We have even pre-populated the worksheet with many of the common wedding expenses, but don’t be shy to add additional items to suit your unique wedding needs.

Get Your Wedding Budget Planner

(Note: Must be able to support .xls files)

Paperless Video Invitations Benefit More than Just the Environment

Ever had to mail a large amount of invitations for an event?

If you have yet to do so, brace yourselves. Printing the invite or hand writing it onto numerous cards, stuffing them one-by-one into envelopes, licking the seal shut, sticking on a stamp, handwriting each address, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. It is not time friendly to say the least.

Video Invites/Thankyou's are simple on your Eventastic Weddings website!What if this could all be done with a quick recording, the click of a button and – bonus, no environmental impact?

Our free wedding themed website offers you the technology to add custom or general video invitations to save the dates & thank yous – saving you hours of licking, sticking and printing. You could even acquire the interest of your spouse who may be more likely to help out by saying a few words on camera than licking, sticking and printing for hours.

Video invitations have virtually no environmental impact.

With environmental awareness increasing, these paperless video invitations are the way of the future and will likely please your environmentally conscious guests.

The video invitations have many benefits that extend beyond environmental impact:

  • Saves money on increasing postal costs (stamps, envelopes, paper)
  • Saves time & handwriting cramps
  • Makes managing RSVPs simple
  • Ensures no invites are lost in the mail
  • Is not limited to wedding invites, could be used for bridal showers, Stag & Doe’s, Bachelor(ette) Parties, etc.
  • Gives you the ability to send personalized Thank Yous
  • Gives you the ability to send invitations in different languages – great for bilingual families!
  • You can spice it up with music, a theme, customized script for different groups, and more!

Sending a personal video inviting guests to such a big day in your life can be very touching. Consider making your wedding a paperless one and ensure everyone receives a special message, ensure no items are lost in the mail and ensure you are spending your wedding planning time and money efficiently.

Get started with your own wedding website today!

Essential Wedding Planning Checklist: Detailed, Flexible & Essential

Engagements Can Be Magical

They are a celebration of love filled with excitement, wonder, anxiety, joy, etc. It’s an emotional time that is packed with To Do lists and decisions waiting to be made.

Tackle Your Wedding To Do List With A Clear Plan

Once your engagement is out of the bag, every relative you run into will want an update. Having a plan helps eliminate the stress behind the never ending questions they will ask because you will know when you plan on tackling each task or have the answers if you’ve already made your decisions. Rather than dreading family functions or avoiding a chat with Aunt Gretta, our wedding planning checklist makes it easy for you to embrace the positive side of your entire wedding experience.

The checklist is a highly detailed 12 month list of To Do’s for couples. It will help keep your stress at bay because it clearly outlines the tasks for each month making them manageable.

If you’re getting married or know someone who is, download the checklist today!

Download it here!

Long Weekend Wedding Date – For Consideration

There are many pros and many cons to having your wedding on a long weekend. Before you completely veto the idea of a long weekend wedding, you may be surprised at the benefits!

7 Reasons to Say Yes to a Long Weekend Wedding:

  1.       Just MarriedSunday Is An Option- often less expensive than a Friday or Saturday
  2.       Save Your Vacation Days – No need to travel on a Friday since you can travel Saturday & the holiday Monday
  3.       Family Time – The holiday often involves family get-together’s. With everyone already looking forward to seeing each other, this is another reason to celebrate
  4.       Anniversary’s Will Be Awesome – You will always have your anniversary on a long weekend
  5.       Fire Works – You are legally allowed to have a personal firework show
  6.       More Wedding Activities – long weekends make pre-wedding dinner & post-wedding brunch easy & convenient for guests.
  7.       It can be a lot of fun to spend the time with your loved ones, especially if you don’t see them often.
  8.       Bride & Groom Face Time – These extra wedding events also mean guests get actual face time to speak with the bride and groom and the couple can work the crowd at a more leisurely pace!

3 Reasons to Veto a Long Weekend Wedding:

  1.       Long Weekend Expenses – Hotels and flights are typically much more expensive on long weekends.
  2.       Already Planned – Guests may already planned their long weekends. This can cause a lower attendance, and can disappoint the couple.
  3.       It might take your guests longer to get there and longer to run your errands. One word: traffic.

You can always lessen the negative views of a wedding on a holiday weekend by spreading the word far in advance with save the dates cards! You could also arrange to have your wedding another time than the typical Saturday Afternoon.  This gives guests part of the weekend to call their own. Friday & Sunday are a good idea on long weekends.

We hope this gives you some food for thought before scraping several of the weekends out of the year. We also hope this opens up more opportunities to create your dream wedding – that venue, photographer or limo just might be available.

Save-The-Date Etiquette: What, Why, When, Who & How

What Is a Save The Date Card?

Save the date cards are pre-invitations that are used to officially announce your wedding date and important details.

Why Send A Save-The-Date?

Not all couples should send a save the date. Only those who have guests travelling which would entail additional costs to the guest, or the date is during a competitive holiday/vacation time. Save the dates are becoming more common as we see the long weekend wedding and destination wedding take of in popularity. If the majority of your guests will be travelling which may include booking cars, hotels, flights etc., a save the date card is not only polite but increases the chances of them being able to make the necessary arrangements to attend your wedding.

When Do You Send A Save-The-Date?

While there are no hard and fast rules, sending the notification anywhere from 9-7 months prior to the wedding will do. Your guests who will be travelling far will appreciate more notice so they have plenty of time to book their travel accommodations, save money, get days off work or even arrange for child care. Sending save the dates after 6 months may as well be a wedding invitation.

Who Gets A Save-The-Date?

Only send a save the date to the ‘for sures’ on your guest list. Once it’s in the mail there is no taking it back. Be clear about who is being invited, which we know can be tricky so far in advance. Include actual names on the envelope rather than ‘Smith Family’ to be clear whether or not kids are invited as it may impact their arrangements. If you’re not sure, hold on to it…they don’t all need to go out at once.

What To Include On Your Save-The-Date?

You may want to include travel information if you are having a destination wedding. Including a link to your wedding website is a great way for people to keep up to date on wedding plans. Typically Save The Date cards do not contain more information than a wedding date, your names, and location….but whose doing typical anymore?

Couple working on Eventastic Weddings website

We’ve seen couples get creative with refrigerator magnets, luggage tags with the wedding date and even photo booth postcards.

Wedding Websites are simplifying the communication and planning of weddings. Eventastic offers free wedding themed websites. Get started with yours today!

Just Engaged, Now What?

First off, Congratulations! What a precious time for you and your partner.

Over the next few weeks as you work through the excitement and focus on the things you want and what your wedding vision looks like. We recommend you

  • Relax
  • Don’t rush into decisions
  • Don’t feel you have to tell everyone the details

Where to start?

First of all, consider what size of wedding you want to have: Big, small, medium, lots of friends, full extended family, etc. Assess your options before you make any decisions and then go through a process of elimination.

Consider the type of wedding you would like to have:

  • Traditional
  • Destination
  • Adventure
  • Non-traditional
  • Weekend Event

Next consider the season you would like to get married in; the type of wedding you want may impact which you choose. Note that ‘off season’ weddings are often less costly than a peak season wedding.

A Narrowed Vision

You have now narrowed down a vision of what you want your wedding day to look like, without necessarily making any decisions. This gives you the starting point to then consider the next tier of planning such as location, venue, guest list and date. This also gives you enough to talk about with your friends and family over the holidays, especially if you want to ask for their view point when eliminating some of the options to come to your decision. Read more about sharing your engagement spotlight with the holidays.

A Wedding Website

To keep the questions at bay and to keep everyone involved and up to date, consider a wedding website.  It’s free to set-up and use with features such as event details, multiple events handling for stag and does and bridal showers, and live photo sharing and streaming during the event.

Eventastic Weddings takes it a step further and provides you a blog so you can communicate small milestones along the way e.g. found the dress, picked the colours, found the venue, etc.

On top of those features, Eventastic knows how to do events! Each event has the option to add ticketing and gifting, either from a registry or for cash to contribute to larger item e.g. appliances or honeymoon. The registry, event functionality, blog, and photo sharing are all fully integrated into Eventastic Weddings and are included when you create a free wedding website.

Explore all the features of Eventastic Weddings.

Balancing an Engagement with the Holiday Season

A holiday engagement can be a season game changer

Engaged at ChristmasHoliday engagements are very popular can be incredibly romantic.  The holiday season is a time to connect with your family, build those relationships and be thankful for what you have. With a new engagement in the family, the focus on the holidays sometimes lessens and discussions about dates, venues and dresses may start happening.

Even though you may be dying to talk details about your wedding now and finalize some plans, you may want to consider holding off on some matters than share your spotlight with the holidays. Some wedding discussions and decision making can actually be stressful for some and with the holidays sometimes already touching nerves it may be wise to hold off on some topics till after the holiday season.  How do you do this when you are bubbling with excitement?

Hold the Decision Making!

One way is to wait until after the holidays to decide on anything or announce any details. Once you get discussing it, one thing leads to another and you can easily find yourself talking about your bridesmaid dresses or ‘date A’ vs. ‘date B’. Holding off on sharing wedding thoughts and wishes is easy enough if you’ve not made any major decisions and conversations can be curtailed if you simply let the inquirers know that you and your new fiancée haven’t had a chance to discuss details or that you plan on brainstorming after the holidays!

Start with Happy Holidays!

Once the question has been popped you are likely dying to call everyone you know. Before you pick up the phone consider that if they are not immediate family they are likely with their families enjoying the season and you might want to keep conversation short and sweet. If they are family – call away, but keep in mind that season’s greetings should come first! When you call or see relatives rather than saying “Hi Aunt Kathy, Guess what! We’re engaged!” lead with a holiday focus! Happy Holidays! How are you? This way you get in the conversation to catch-up on life rather than zoning in on wedding talk.

Don’t ask your wedding party just yet!

Excitement is infectious! Asking your wedding party right away, especially if they are family, will only heighten the wedding talk at family socials. You may want to hold off and ask them after the holiday season. This will also make it more enjoyable for you because it’s perfectly appropriate to turn everyone’s full attention to wedding in the following months.

As hard as it can be to hold in some of your excitement and make the holidays the priority, you’ll be glad you did!.

Have a great day from Eventastic!

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