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Wedding Guest Dress Code

What To Wear as a Guest

These days there are so many different wedding themes, venues, styles etc., almost anything goes when planning your wardrobe for attending a wedding. The key is to take note of the couple’s choice in venue and ask questions about style or their wedding theme in order to feel you have chosen the best option for attire.

Wedding guest dress code.You may not be the type of person who typically likes to blend in with a crowd but it generally is not acceptable to be the focus of attention on the couple’s big day. Dressing goth for a traditional white wedding is going to stand out big time and probably won’t fare well with other guests or the couple walking down the aisle.  Not saying you need to match your wedding attire to their chosen theme (like one couple who chose a ‘Superhero’ theme… where is my superhero cape???), but attending in clothing that is one or two steps up from your every day wear is advisable.

Aside from maybe the atypical wedding themes of ‘Goth’ and ‘Offbeat’, most would agree that generally, dressing up for a wedding in classy, stylish, elegant, smart and sophisticated wear would be recommended. You want to be comfortable yet appear that you put some thought into wearing something special for this couple’s very important and memorable day.

Wedding Attire Suggestions

For the modern, classic wedding there are no hard and fast rules of wearing long or short dresses as a wedding guest. Wearing a dress, if choosing short, and having it at a ‘respectable’ length is good. Noone needs to know you’re wearing lacey pink undies. If your wearing a long dress, keep it simple but stately with limited pizzazz. Wearing a dress with mega sequins and jewels is going to take the attention away from the bride’s gown and that is not good. It used to be said that you should never wear white when attending a wedding. While still not seen a lot, you will certainly not be thrown out if wearing an understated little white dress to a summer wedding.

Men will often wear suit and tie to weddings and now it is becoming quite acceptable for sport jacket and pant combos. Ties are no longer a must wear. Of course dress shoes and shirts done up to at least the second button for the ceremony presents well.

If invited to a more casual venue as with some weddings today having a rustic theme, it is not expected that you dress in classic wedding guest style. More upscale casual is considered fine. While no hard and fast rules, you can feel comfortable in knowing that a simple nice dress with some jewelry and your guy in a sport jacket will be quite acceptable.

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Hope you have found these tips helpful. Have fun at the wedding!



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