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How to Entertain Children at Your Wedding

How to Entertain Children at Your Wedding

Children at weddings can be so adorable and entertaining to watch but it can quickly turn the other direction if they are not having fun and are bored stiff. A crying irritable child pulling at their parent is upsetting to not only the parents of the child but to other guests as well.

Being a parent of children who have attended many gatherings over the years, I have acquired a few tips in keeping children entertained at events and thought I’d share some with you.

Tips for Entertaining Children At Your Event

1. Provide a designated play area – If an option, having a designated area off to the side whether indoors or out where the children can play safely is always preferable.

2. Assign a responsible teen to supervise – Providing a person whose job is to supervise the play area and children as well as encourage happy play is advisable. Consider a monetary gift for the person in charge as a gesture of thanks and appreciation. You may want to have more than one teen in charge depending on number of children and various age groups.

3. Provide age appropriate toys – Having safe toys available for child guests will serve to entice them to play and have fun; thus allowing their parents to enjoy their time more. Remember it’s not a good idea to include paints or colourful chalk in the list of child entertainment items. Little colourful fingers touching a wedding gown or mom’s fancy dress will not be appreciated.

Depending on the age of the children invited you may wish to consider the following:

Age 0 – 3yrs: rattles, sensory gyms, blankets, pre-school toys with no small detachable pieces

Age 4 – 7yrs – large lego pieces/building blocks, balls, cars & dolls, role-play toys like small kitchens, large cardboard boxes with crayons to encourage creativity in making their house or car, bean bags, animated movie area

Age 8 – 11yrs – games, scooter, latest action figures & dolls, lego, dress up toy box (fun hats, glasses, boas), electronic gaming area, cards

4. Food & Drink – Be aware of any allergies and provide snacks for hungry tummies. Apple slices, biscuits, cheese, pretzels, small apple juice drink boxes are some good choices. Avoid colourful treats like orange puff snacks, barbecue chips and orange or grape pop.

5. Reminder to parents – You may wish to remind parents to bring any special items their children find to be soothing like blankies or stuffed toys for when the child becomes tired and needs to cuddle or snuggle up.

I hope you’ve found these suggestions helpful. Please check back with our Eventastic website for more wedding and event tips in our blogging section.

How to Navigate a Bridal Show

My Wedding Show ChecklistBeing engaged is a wonderful feeling. We at Eventastic know there is inspiration everywhere and friends and family are making themselves available to support you at every turn.  Attending a Bridal Show is often on the top of a newly engaged woman’s to-do list.  These shows can be insane for a bride to be.

You will likely have friends and family with you who are pointing out things that you may like but how do you decide who to spend your time with while there?  It can be really easy for a girl to lose track of what she wanted to achieve. My advice to those attending a bridal show is this:

Decide who you must chat with

Download our list
of the possible vendor types that will be at the show. Then decide who you will need for your big day and start marking them on your ‘must chat with’ list.
I would recommend couples take a moment to talk with everyone at the show… even if only for a moment to:

  • see what they have to offer
  • to get more ideas via through photos, cake decor, etc
  • to learn what is available

You may also find that you are unsure of all your needs. It is still valuable to get some information in case the need pops up, for example, if you haven’t selected your venue you won’t know if you need to bring in rentals.

Time it out

You probably don’t want to be wandering through the wedding show for 6 hours. There is almost always a fashion show which is a great way to veto out styles and point out to your girls what you like for dresses.

Keep in mind regular meal time. Everyone will enjoy themselves much more if their stomach isn’t growling. Plan a snack or meal before or after the show. This also gives you time to discuss details and point out things you love or disliked.

Don’t forget to give yourself a fair amount of time to have conversations. You may find yourself trying cakes, flipping through photo albums or looking at travel books.

Get Solid information

Prepare questions for those on your must chat with list! Bring them on a clip board and ask one of your girls to take notes. After talking to 50 people it can be hard to remember who said what exactly, notes will take the pressure off trying to remember the small details of each vendor. Some questions to consider for example are:

  • How far in advance do you need to be booked?
  • What is the cost?
  • What installments do I pay in?
  • What method of payment do they accept?
  • Are there travel expenses?
  • How many meetings do you expect to have?
  • How long does it take to do hair/make-up?
  • Do you have preferred vendors that you work with?
  • Is there a discount if you book early?

Don’t forget to download your Wedding Show Guide!

5 Wedding Registry Tips for the Groom ensuring all bases are covered!

So often it’s the bride that takes over many of the wedding detail decisions.  Sometimes it’s because she wants to have it her way and sometimes it’s because the fiancé is just not that interested in colour options, cutlery and flower choices.

Well, if there is one thing the groom needs to be involved with it is the wedding registry!  We do wedding trade shows all over the world and we hear over and over again from brides and grooms that there is nothing better than when both get involved with the wedding registry choices because both often come from a different mindset as to what the couple will need to begin their lives together.

The bride will often have endless ideas of what the couple will need for inside the home, like kitchen gadgets, glassware & small appliances, bedding, vacuum cleaner and even bigger appliances.  The groom often will think of needs for the couple that will be generally for outdoor use which are handy, useful and cool to have.

We’ve come up with 5 Wedding Registry Category Tip Ideas for Grooms to make sure your Wedding Registry bases are covered.

  1. Yard Supplies – You’ll most likely benefit from having a trusty state of the art leaf blower & lawnmower as well as any gardening tools like shovel, rake, wheelbarrow and edger to name a few.
  2. BBQ Supplies – Check out what the latest gadgets are for your BBQ like a light that fits your handle, grill scrapers, BBQ utensils and even an actual BBQ if you’re in need or a tailgater version for weekend camping dates.
  3. Tools – Even if you’re both not the handiest with a hammer, there are certain home tools you should always have on hand. A brand new tool kit covering all the basics is always handy and make sure to add any drills, sanders and even workbench to your registry list.
  4. Vehicle Needs – Anything car or truck related that you just don’t have the money to put in to right now but you sure would benefit from having – new wiper blades, trailer hitch, floor mats, box liner, charger, stereo etc…
  5. Home Renovation Needs – Maybe you can see that updating a few things in the home is beyond a want but has become a need…or maybe it would make it more comfortable and enjoyable.  Home Renos can be costly so why not add your new hardwood floor or kitchen countertop to your registry.

We at Eventastic hope these 5 category suggestions will help you round out your Wedding Registry with items you will need for both inside and outside your home.  Guests want to buy you gifts that you both truly need and want.  Now is the time to be sharing those ideas with others by both of you adding your wishes to your Wedding Registry. Have fun and be creative.

Happy adding to their Wedding Registry

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